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8 October 2017

I am very happy about the outcome of our concert in support of the charity foundation The Gift Of Life: it has helped to raise £80, 000, which will be used to buy medication for children with cancer.

8 September 2017

I am proud to be participating in the fundraising event for the Gift of Life, a sister charity to the Russia-based organisation Podari Zhizn and a leading charity in the field of childhood cancer support. Each year, it provides help and support to over 2,000 patients in different hospitals around Russia. This event will take place at London's Reform Club on 5th October at 7pm. The programme will consist of Igor Severyanin's poetry and Sergey Rachmaninoff's music, as a dialogue of two great masters, whose lives intertwined at the dawn of the 20th century. I will be performing with Dmitri Berlinsky and Leonid Gorokhov Rachmaninoff's Trio élégiaque in D minor, op. 9. The other participants  will include Natalia Osipova, principal dancer of the Royal Ballet  Theatre, Svetlana Cameron, portrait artist, Sergey Bezrukov, screen and theatre actor, Dina Korzun, co-founder of the charities and actress and Maria Tretyakova, TV presenter. More information and tickets

9 June 2017

My CD of Rachmaninoff Sonatas is released on Onyx Classics today:

2 June 2017

It was great to be back  on BBC Radio 3's "In Tune" today presented by Sean Rafferty. Performing and doing an interview live on the radio is rarely comfortable, but Sean has such a warm, friendly personality that I feel my blood pressure goes down just by listening to him talk. Today's appearance on the programme, however, was not an easy decision:  from the studio I had to go straight to Heathrow to take an overnight flight to Russia for my father's funeral in the morning. I did the 1st movement of the Rachmaninoff Sonata No. 2 and his arrangement of Tchaikovsky's Lullaby from my new CD. I played the latter as my personal tribute to my dad, who was a cellist and really loved Tchaikovsky's and Rachmaninoff's music. The programme can be heard for another 30 days at

2 January 2017

I am very happy to announce that my recording of the two Rachmaninoff Sonatas will be released on Onyx Classics in May 2017. This CD is going to be my last installment of Rachmaninoff’s solo works. I will of course continue performing his music, which I am very passionate about, in concerts, but I want to pursue other exciting recording projects in the near future, involving music by other great composers.

2 June 2016

On 11th and 12th June I am going to be performing for the first time with one of my long time heroes, Vladimir Ashkenazy and the NHK Symphony Orchestra. As most pianists, I grew up listening to his recordings and admiring his great musicianship. When I met him in person, I was also able to admire him as a human being.


I look forward enormously to this collaboration with Ashkenazy in Tokyo. The work we are going to perform is a very rarely heard masterpiece by Tchaikovsky "Fantaisie de Concert", which I last performed at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires in September. The concert on 11th June will be broadcast by NHK television. I will update this info here or on my blog next week. For details on these concerts or to book tickets, go to the "Calendar" page.

May 2016

I am really overwhelmed by how generously the crowdfunding campaign of my recording of the Rachmaninoff Sonatas has been supported by so many friends, colleagues and some music lovers I have never met. Thanks to you, this recording project is now a reality - it’s “in the can” and I am now waiting to hear the first edits, so watch this space!


I would like to say a huge Thank You 
to the following supporters of this project:


Tony & Sarah Bolton

Alex & Karen Green

Koji & Kyoko Morimoto 

Max & Kathryn Robinson

Lewis & Tanya Owens

Doug Stumpf
Viv McLean
Maya & Lenny Loyfman
Alla & Semyon Lipnitsky
Julia Guth & Russell Moy
Jack & Marie Todd
Fleur Herrenschmidt
Piers Lane
Jiun Lim
Harumi Ishigaki
Peter & Anne de Voil
Gary Arbuthnot
Alexander & Nina Levtov
Wojciech Kocyan
John & Jan McMichan
Gerard Byrne & Pierre Pouplin
James H. Keene III
Arlette Herrenschmidt
Jean-Marie Zirano
RoseAnne & Gerald Levinson
Ellen Dahrendorf
William Fong
Marina & Mark Tokar
Alfred & Connie Epprecht-Varamisra
Jan Johnsen
Jessica Duchen
Kathryn Stott
Philip Hurst
Anne Rockwell
Susan Gasson
Halida Dinova & Paul Christopher
Tim Cole
Shelagh & Larry Rabbett
Alan Harris
Mike Stewart
Jane & David Vickery
Connie Diletti
Steven Rivellino
Scott Mitchell
Nick Spindler
Ian Jones
Sandra & David Owens
Ellie Bradley
Irina Walters
Colin Salter
Michael Hammond
John & Anita Keys
Sabina Joohae
Horst Kolo
Colin Stone
Patrick Jonathan
Wes Malkin
Mila Kutsarova


With love and gratitude,

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